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This piece began from a sketch of witches. I explored through mark-making until a witch carrying a plant with a cat and bird emerged. That sketch has sparked a whole new story which later crystalises as a sequel for the eco-fable, Loka. I then took that rough sketch of the witch and placed her in a forest, giving life to this world and narrative. After a few thumbnails, trying different compositions and colour schemes, I then laid out the design on A4 paper made from recycled coffee cups with a light graphite pencil. When I had a rough composition, I used colour pencils to add in the details. Bit by bit, I built up the layers of colours, embracing all the marks that I created until the entire illustration emerged.

The reason I created this is because I wanted to illustrate the grace of nature and inspire the idea that, with our own hands, we can bring about a future where the Earth is not heading toward extinction, but abundance. Simple actions that we can incorporate into our daily lives and through time; small, simple steps that will bring about a flourishing future.

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